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Terms and Conditions of use

© Truck1 Sp. Z O.O. (Poland). All data, information, logotypes of companies, texts, software, databases, images and any other content of this website is protected by copyright law. Copying or use of any of the mentioned materials placed on this website without written permission of its legal owner is forbidden and will be prosecuted by law.

  1. Definitions:
    - "Owner" - Truck1 Sp. Z O.O., Aleje Jerozolimskie 85/21, Warsaw, Poland; registered number: 7011085742;
    - "Website" and "Websites" – any website or websites which are the property of the Owner;
    - "Customer" - a company advertising goods or services on the Owner's websites; also a company potentially interested in advertising on the Owner's websites;
  2. These Terms and Conditions manage relations between Owner of this Website and users of this Website. Any user of this Website viewing or using in any way the information placed on this Website by doing so unconditionally agrees to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be changed by Owner without any prior notification to parties involved.
  3. Owner publishes advertising offers of its Customers on the Websites. The Owner's service is limited to providing business leads to the interested parties (buyers and sellers). Owner does not serve as an intermediary, agent or representative of any person who is using information placed on the Websites; Owner only provides other parties with information on goods offered and contacts of the interested parties.
  4. Any person may apply for publication of offers on the Owner's Websites, however only in the amount and in the way approved by Owner. Owner reserves right to offer individual prices for publication for every Customer
  5. The Owner's databases are protected by copyright laws and by all applicable international agreements and conventions on the copyright protection.
  6. Business relations between Owner and its Customers are built on the basis of public offer. Specific conditions for each Customer are fixed in the corresponding invoice issued by Owner. Customer expresses unconditional consent with Owner's public offer by paying the correspondent invoice issued by Owner.
  7. Customer publishing advertisement on the Owner's Websites by doing so confirms that information in the advertisement is correct and checked by this Customer immediately after publication. If this Customer has claims to Owner concerning published advertisement, it contacts Owner in 24 hours from the initial publication. If no claims were received by Owner in the mentioned time period, it is considered that Customer agrees with the way the mentioned advertisement was published.
  8. By agreeing to publish advertisement on Owner's Websites, any Customer confirms that information and data in the mentioned advertisement is a property and responsibility of the mentioned Customer. Owner is not responsible for content of the Customer's advertisement.
  9. By agreeing to publish advertisement on the Owner's Websites, any Customer agrees that Owner is empowered to use all information contained in Customer's advertisement in any way meant for promotion of this advertisement and also Owner's Websites, including but not limited to: publishing this advertisement on any Owner's Websites and third-party websites, using this information in advertising campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, social networks, etc. It concerns vehicles, descriptions, Customer details as name, address, logotypes, etc.
  10. Owner is not responsible for any damages or loss caused by incomplete publication of advertisements or for usage of this information by third parties.
  11. These terms and conditions come in force at 01.12.2022 and remain valid until canceled or modified by the Owner.
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